5 Benefits of Knockdown Rebuild

by Jeremy

Like setting resolutions at the start of a new year, there’s something great about a fresh start—and that is made all the more apparent when it comes to moving into a new home. Of course, the process of buying a house is an extensive one. If you’d prefer to skip open houses and realtor calls, you might be considering simply renovating your old home to meet your current needs better. But there’s an even better option available. A knockdown rebuild can be the perfect way to get the home of your dreams with minimal compromise, budget-friendly costs, and other perks. You might not even need to remember a new address!

1. You’ll have the perfect location.

If your current neighborhood is ideal, you can stay and get a new home in the process with a knockdown rebuild. By taking down the existing building and replacing it with a new house, you’ll keep the neighbors, school, or other qualities you love. If you have a new location in mind but haven’t found the perfect building, you can purchase a less-than-ideal house and make it your ideal home. Even with the added rebuilding cost, you can find an old building in an excellent location for an even better price, making demolition and building from the ground up the ideal choice.

2. It can be customized to meet your changing needs.

customized to meet

If you’ve been living in your old house for a long time, chances are your priorities and lifestyle have changed—it’s one of the most common reasons people seek out a new home in the first place. Maybe you need additional bedrooms for a growing family. Perhaps the outdated fixtures could use an upgrade. Whatever you’re dreaming of in a new home, a knockdown rebuild can make it happen. You and your builder can customize your new house to meet your every need and want, so permit yourself to perfect each detail.

3. Your budget will thank you.


Generally, it costs more to complete an extensive home renovation project than to build a new home. A knockdown rebuild ensures you’ll have an updated, beautiful new home, saving money in the process. Whether you go through the approval process for a construction loan or pay for your new home up front, you’ll find that your demolition and rebuilding cost is more budget-friendly than renovating would be.

4. It’s a clean slate.

clean slate.

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to knock down their old house is to have a clean slate. Rebuilding your home will give you a truly fresh start. You’ll have more freedom in the design process than you would when renovating, and you won’t need to compromise on as many of the qualities you envision in your new home. Best of all, you’ll need to clean out your home as you demolish, even more so than if you’re renovating, so you can start anew when it comes to your organization systems, too.

5. You can create new memories in the process.

new memories

From playing with pieces of your fallen fences to standing amidst the rubble of the home, you’ve lived in for a lifetime, the processing of knocking down your house to build a new one might seem a little bittersweet. But the process can be a fun one for homeowners and their families, too. Years from now, you’re sure to look back on the process with a smile or a laugh. For years, if not generations, to come, you and your family can look at pieces of your home and remember just what it took to create them. From sharing the story of how grandpa painted the shutters to explaining why you chose a particular style, you’ll have memories and tales to last a lifetime.

Whether you’re considering a knockdown rebuild to save on the costs of renovating your old house, or you want a fresh start in the place you love, this can be a cost-effective, customizable option to get your dream home. So permit yourself to dream big. Because you’re starting from scratch, you can bring your wildest fantasies to life in this house.

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