5 Most Important Gmail Tips & Tricks

by Jeremy

You use Gmail many times a day, although you will know all the features of Gmail; in this post, some tips will help you in your office so much; let us know the five most essential tips and tricks of Gmail.

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How to create a group in Gmail? 

Often we have to type their email addresses repeatedly to email many different email groups, in which a lot of our time is wasted, but in Gmail, there is a feature that you can save your time by creating email groups. No need to type the email bar.

For this, on https://contacts.google.com, you will see all the mobile numbers of your phone and all the email IDs saved on your Gmail, here you will see the option of Create Label. 

Click on it to create a label; this label will be the name of your Email Group, so keep a name so that you remember which people are going to have emails in this group. 

Now click on Create new contact and fill in the information like name, email, etc. Here you have to leave the label blank, do not enter it, now save this information, now join all the emails you have to enter. When all the emails are entered, select all, you will see the label’s icon as soon as you choose it, click on it; this will apply the label to all these emails. 

Now come back to Gmail and click on compose mail. Instead of typing the email ID in the To option here, type the name of the label you created. All the email IDs that you had attached to the title will come automatically. Watch the video to learn more similar tricks. 

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