5 Upgrades to Give Your Home a Luxe Hotel Feel

by Jeremy

One of the most exciting parts of buying a home is getting to design it to your style. You are no longer limited to your landlord’s design tastes and can paint, upgrade, and install whatever you want. If you’re going to turn your home into a luxury villa (even if you can only afford a suburban single-family house), consider a few of these popular upgrades to make your space feel special.

2018 10 02 how to make your home fell like your staying in hotel

1. A Claw-Foot Tub

If you want to make your master bathroom feel luxurious and relaxing, look into a claw-foot tub. These bathtubs evoke an old-world feel, bringing you back to historic hotels in Europe or Victorian homes in the northeast. Once you have one of these tubs, invest some bath salts, essential oils, and other softly-scented items in completing the spa experience. With a book and a bubble bath, you will never want to leave your bathroom.

2. Heated Flooring

Is there anything worse than waking up on a cold winter day and feeling hardwood or tile under your feet? You might run to the bathroom or quickly slide into a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm. Look into heated floors if you want to make your house feel as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

Heated floors are gaining popularity in northern states that are known for long winters and cold temperatures. Choose a few key rooms to heat up for maximum comfort. A few options include your bedrooms, bathroom, and any space built above a garage or basement where cold air seeps in. With heated floors, you can walk around comfortably all year long.

3. A Wine and Closet or Refrigerator

Not everyone lives in enough luxury to have a built-in wine cellar. However, if you enjoy the finer things in life, you may want to invest in a wine closet or refrigerator to keep your bottles chilled. Wine should ideally be stored at a range of 45° F to 65°, which means this is much warmer than your refrigerator but cooler than your house.

You may be able to turn an existing closet or kitchen pantry into a wine cellar or invest in a wine refrigerator for your dining room. This allows you to serve wine as it was meant to be, creating the perfect flavor for you to enjoy.

4. An Outdoor Kitchen

Suppose you have plans to entertain friends and family at your home; consider setting up an outdoor kitchen. You can have a refrigerator, prep area, cabinets, and a sink with your grill. This makes it easier to serve food outside instead of running between the outdoor grill and the indoor kitchen. If you want to live in the lap of luxury, invest in an outdoor pizza oven so you can serve your top hot stone creations to anyone who comes over.

5. An In-Ground Pool

If you live in an area where the temperatures spike each year, consider getting a pool where you can cool off and relax to beat the heat. There are several ways you can install the collection to create a sense of luxury. Look for dark tiles on the bottom instead of the standard concrete. You can also look to install fountains or choose an infinity pool design to wow your guests.

Before you install your pool, check out your homeowner’s insurance policy. You may not be covered for a collection and will need to switch plans. Use a home insurance comparison tool to get the best deal on the market for your homeowner insurance policy. You don’t have to live in a mansion to enjoy basking in the lap of luxury. Enjoy these upgrades and fall in love with your new home.

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