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by Jeremy

While Denmark and Copenhagen don’t often come up as a destination for European startups, it has a thriving local tech scene home to some of the better startup conferences. After all, who doesn’t want to visit Copenhagen? A highly educated population, great universities, excellent healthcare, and great transport links to Europe make the city as good a place as starting up a company.

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Amongst our investors, we found the trends they were most interested in included sustainable supply chain logistics, esports and gaming, enterprise SaaS, climate tech, deep tech hardware, agritech, and edtech. And many said they are interested in the future of work and the transition to different ways of working.

Companies they are excited about include Afresh Technologies, Seaborg Technologies (nuclear reactors), Labster (virtual science labs), Normative.io (social and environmental impact measurement), and DEMI (connecting with chefs).

In general, investors said they are focused on their home ground but are also spreading their wings to the “New Nordics” (Nordic and Baltic) region. Some are also investing in large European and North American hub cities.

The “green shoots” of recovery they see are appearing in anything digital that comes with a community, as well as among startups that can leverage the pandemic to generate new business models that are faster than incumbents.

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