8 Weirdest and Dumbest Products of CES 2021

by Jeremy

Every year, CES serves as the launchpad for the most exciting innovations in televisions, audio, computing, home appliances, mobile accessories, robotics, and other technologically-related fields. The reveals of gorgeously massive OLED displays and immersive wireless headphones leave attendees salivating and shoppers anxious to buy them. But historically, it’s the most outlandish technology that gets the bulk of attention and becomes fodder for conversation when asked the inevitable question, “what did you see at the show?”


These wild and crazy products usually (though not always) hail from small companies and start-ups. And while some are eventually made into actual, saleable products, others disappear after enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.

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Whether the products are helpful or just ridiculous is irrelevant. Show-goers can’t help but talk about them. Case in point: remember Charmin’s toilet paper delivery robot that stole every headline in 2020? Or the HAPIfork from way back in 2013 that buzzes if you eat too quickly, designed to help with portion control and weight loss? While this year’s event was held entirely virtually due to Covid-19.

That didn’t stop companies from pitching and presenting truly odd products. And while there were no crowds around booths to draw attention, and it wasn’t nearly as compelling without being able to see these wondrous inventions in person, I still managed to pick out a selection of the weirdest and dumbest products of CES 2021.

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