A fix is coming to address Google Pay removing American Express cards

by Jeremy

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Google Pay has been experiencing some odd behavior lately. It seems that some users with American Express cards have been receiving emails informing them that their cards have been removed from the payment app, as reported by Android Police. There’s no clear indication why this would occur, and many Google Pay users have been discussing the issue on Reddit and Twitter. Even after re-adding the card to Google Pay, the problem will repeat for some even though the notice clearly states that it can be re-added. On the best Android phones, cards would be automatically deactivated from the device if the screen lock is removed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The problem may stem from the bank itself, but at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess.

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Android Police noted that only specific devices like the OnePlus 9 Pro ran into the issue, while other devices were not affected. They reached out to Google about the problem, and a company spokesperson informed that they were aware of the situation and to sit tight while they investigate:

We are aware that some American Express cardholders are having issues using or adding their cards to Google Pay. We are looking into the issue and will provide an update soon.

Meanwhile, Google Pay just launched its Spring Challenge, which essentially pays users to perform various activities like making transactions, sending payments, partaking in sporadic quizzes, and more. Not using their cards for payments might make it difficult for some users to complete the challenge.

Update, Apr 16 (2 pm ET) ― Google has identified the problem

Google has reportedly identified the cause of the American Express bug kicking cards off the app. The company made a statement to Bleeping Computer (via Android Police) that the issue was due to an expired certificate:

Earlier today we discovered that American Express cards of some of our users got automatically removed from Google Pay due to an expired certificate. We are working to fix this and people will be able to add their cards back soon.

No timeline was given when users could expect things to get back to normal, but it hopefully shouldn’t belong. In the meantime, you can continue trying to re-add your card back to the app if you’re experiencing this problem

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