Afghanistan Taliban Kabul Latest Live Updates: Expect to have real, inclusive govt in Afghan, says US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

by Jeremy

A member of the Taliban forces stands guard during an organized media tour to the Pakistan-Afghanistan crossing border in Torkham, Pakistan. (Reuters photo)

Kabul Afghanistan Taliban Crisis News Today Live Updates, Taliban govt live news September 4th today: Amid the news of government formation, the Taliban have claimed that it has taken control of the Panjshir Valley, the last holdout of the Afghan resistance. However, Amrullah Saleh, former Vice President and one of the critical leaders of the anti-Taliban force, released a video statement saying that Panjshir is very much independent. He blamed Pakistan for helping the Taliban fighters. He did say that ‘we are surrounded’ but denied the news of the Panjshir fall. The Valley has remained out of Taliban control even during the 90s regime.

Stay with us as we bring you the latest from Afghanistan and other related news to Kabul evacuations.

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