After Amazon: Labor tries to regroup in wake of Alabama loss

by Jeremy

But labor activists argue that the lopsided vote shows how unfairly the odds are stacked against union organizing efforts and highlights the need for Congress to reform U.S. labor law. The House last month passed such legislation — the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act –but it looks likely to die in the Senate.

The Bessemer results “reveal a broken union election system,” Celine McNicholas, labor counsel at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, said in a statement. “It is clear that if policymakers do not reform our nation’s labor law system, then they are effectively denying workers a meaningful right to a union and collective bargaining.

Rejected the idea that Amazon pays competitive wages when $15 an hour has become the minimum wage in some states. Korgan said he made more than $15 an hour himself as a warehouse worker in the early 1990s. “Using the minimum wage as the barometer is a huge mistake,” Korgan said. “This is not minimum wage work, and for any employer to pat themselves on the back and use this as a guiding post shows they don’t understand how difficult this work is.

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