Amazon follows Netflix with mobile-only video subscriptions in India

by Jeremy

Amazon Prime Video and Bharti Airtel, India’s second-largest mobile carrier, are teaming up to launch a mobile-only video service. Variety reports that Prime Video Mobile Edition will bolt on to a number of the carrier’s pre-paid plans, with a month’s worth of Prime Video available for $1.21 a month after a 30-day trial. If they so choose, users can bolster that selection with an Amazon Prime membership for a bit of a bit extra every month.  It’s a smart move.

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Given the sheer number of people who have mobile phones but not necessarily extensive home connections. And also one that the competition had implemented back in 2019 when it launched its own $3 mobile-only subscription for India. That program has had sufficient success that, at the start of 2020, Netflix added mobile-only plans in the Philippines and Thailand. It’s also a sign that more US companies are making a more significant effort to gain a foothold on the subcontinent.

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