Android 12’s Nearby Share could allow Wi-Fi password sharing

by Jeremy

Google is working on Android 12, and its features are appearing online one after the other. The latest rumor reveals that a new feature will allow users to share their Wi-Fi passwords remotely easily. It is tipped to use Google’s Nearby Share. The quality is rumored to debut with the launch of Android 12. For the unaware.

Nearby Share is similar to Apple’s AirDrop. Essentially, it allows Android users to share photos, videos, apps from Google Play, and more with a nearby smartphone. As for Wi-Fi password sharing, Google currently will enable users on Android 10 and later to share their Wi-Fi passwords with the help of a QR code. The development comes from a new commit submitted to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google engineer Abel Tesfaye and spotted by XDA Developers.

As per the report, the “Share Wi-Fi” page has been tweaked to implement a Nearby Sharing button in Android 12. This button is said to display Wi-Fi sharing intent and a “long press button that opens Wi-Fi QR share fragment.” A single tap enables Nearby Sharing to share a QR code carrying the Wi-Fi password with a nearby user. This new

Android 12 feature will allow users to share their Wi-Fi password with nearby users without announcing it, as the password can be shared by sending a QR code via Nearby Share. It will require consent from both the sender and the recipient to ensure that the QR code is being shared with the right person. It will also come in handy for people like me who have a lot of symbols, numbers, and letters in their passwords and always end up getting it right on the third or fourth try. The Wi-Fi password share feature is expected to roll out with the Android 12 Developer Preview next month. Google is also working on an ‘App Pairs’ feature, which will help with the split-screen multitasking experience on Android devices.

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