Anti-food waste app Karma taps up Google Cloud to power global expansion plans

by Jeremy

Food waste is a known contributor to climate change, and it is a problem Swedish startup Karma is helping consumers and businesses tackle through its food rescue apps. The first of these apps is a consumer-facing offering that connects users to food retailers in their area with surplus stock that they can buy at a reduced price, so it does not go to waste.  The second app is for Karma’s retail partners and sees the firm providing granular feedback to them on the stock level changes

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They can make to reduce the amount of surplus food they have each day and provide a means of selling on any waste that does accrue. The fact that it can advise its retailers is an essential point of competitive difference for Karma. The firm’s brand manager Charlotte Humphries tells Computer Weekly, and it is down to how it processes its sales data. It’s essential to us as a way to stand out and be distinct versus the other potential food waste companies that are out there as well,” she says. “We have a direct competitor that is not able to do such a thing because they don’t sell item by item on the app. They sell a ‘mystery bag of food items for less at the end of the day.

By selling item by item and by using machine learning, we’re able to offer a solution that stops the symptoms of food waste through redistribution, and the cause of food waste, which is overproduction,” she adds. The company is in the process of building out its presence in the UK and France, having already established itself in its native Sweden, and claims to have saved more than four million meals from going to waste since its launch in 2016 with this approach.

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