Apple and its iPad are the only winners in the tablet game, research shows

by Jeremy

Apple is currently king of the global tablet market, and as per market research by DigiTimes, the company is going to retain that crown in the second quarter of 2021. If that doesn’t come as a surprise, it is worth noting that the top names in the tablet segment will see a decline in the ongoing quarter. Still, the only brand expected to avoid a slump in tablet shipments is Apple, fueled by the new iPad Pro models it launched last month. Here’s what DigiTimes Research predicts for Q2 2020: 

“In the second quarter of 2021, Lenovo will ascend to third place and relegate Amazon to fourth, while Microsoft will become the fifth-largest tablet brand worldwide. Apple’s shipments will stay stable in the second quarter thanks to the release of its new iPad Pros, while most non-Apple brands will witness sequential declines in second-quarter shipments.”

In its recent quarterly financial report, Apple revealed a 79% YoY growth in its iPad business. As per IDC data, Apple shipped 12.7 million iPads in the first quarter of 2021, clocking to a market share of 31.7%. Second-placed Samsung only reached the 8 million shipment figure, while Lenovo took the third spot with an even more petite figure of 3,8 million units shipped. 

Source: IDC

It is worth noting here that the worldwide tablet shipments reached a new high in the first quarter of 2021, bolstered by the remote learning and home-based working trend that has been forced on us by the pandemic. As for Apple, the company offers iPads catering to a broad audience across different price brackets.

The vanilla iPad targets the learning and entertainment side of the demand, while the iPad Pro is aimed at professionals with demanding workflows.  The iPad Air, which was refreshed a few months ago, sits somewhere between and strikes an outstanding balance between power and pricing. Analysts predict that the new iPad Pro – armed with upgrades such as a desktop-class M1 chip, better display with mini-LED technology, 5G support, and Thunderbolt port – will further drive the adoption of iPads in the upcoming quarters.

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