Apple Fitness+ adds workouts for pregnancy, older adults and more

by Jeremy

Apple launched Fitness+ as a fitness service built around Apple Watch. The service is now getting more inclusive as Apple is making fitness welcoming and inclusive to all. The company is adding new workouts targeted specifically toward pregnancy and older adults. Plus, it is rolling out several new Yoga, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Strength workouts for beginners. Apple says that these workouts help users build confidence working out, no matter their fitness level. Activities for Pregnancy consist of 10 movements across Strength.

Core and Mindful Cooldown. Fitness+ trainer and mom-to-be Betina Gozo lead it. Every workout is a quick 10 minutes. It is designed to accommodate any stage of pregnancy and any fitness level. Further, it includes tips for modifying activities using a pillow for comfort as the body changes. As for Workouts for Older Adults, focus on strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and mobility. Fitness+ trainer Molly Fox leads it. It includes eight workouts where Gregg Cook joins Molly for Strength, Dustin Brown for Yoga, Bakari Williams for HIIT, and Jhon Gonzalez for Dance. These workouts are done with a light dumbbell or just bodyweight and are 10 minutes long.

Fitness+ is also introducing a new Yoga and Mindful Cooldown trainer, Jonelle Lewis alongside welcoming current Fitness+ trainer Anja Garcia to the HIIT team. Plus, it is adding Jane Fonda — an iconic actor, producer, author, and activist, to its Time to Walk feature. All of these new features will be available in Fitness+ starting April 19. 

Apple Fitness+ is integrated with Apple Watch to build on the goal of helping people live a better day by being more active. With more options for getting started and staying active and healthy during pregnancy as well as at any age or fitness level, we hope even more people will be inspired to keep moving with our amazing team of passionate trainers,” said Jay Blahnik Apple’s senior director of Fitness Technologies. “We are also incredibly excited to welcome Jonelle Lewis to the trainer team and can’t wait for our users to try new HIIT workouts with Anja Garcia. We’ve brought together an incredibly diverse and inclusive group of Fitness+ trainers, and we love seeing our team grow, giving our users even more options to find the best workout for them.

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