Apple looking for ways to hide the notch in case it can’t get rid of it?

by Jeremy

We know that Apple and several other Android OEMs have been working non-stop to kill the notch. Some Android devices have already started to adopt under-display cameras, which would give us an all-screen natural state without a gap, a punch-hole cutout, or anything of that sort. However, things aren’t as simple for Apple, as its TrueDepth technology uses more sensors, hence more space on your iPhone’s display.

However, that doesn’t mean that Cupertino has given up. The latest information reveals that the company is looking for every possible solution, which may even include the possibility of hiding the notch in case it cant get rid of it altogether. It seems that Apple has been looking for ways to hide the crack of your iPhone by expanding the device’s display when you’re not using its facial recognition features. The guys spotted this idea over at Patently Apple, where it appears as a patent filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office under the name of “Electronic devices with adjustable display windows.

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