Apple macOS Monterey official: all you need to know

by Jeremy

Apple’s new macOS – macOS Monterey – is here. It’s getting some of the iOS and iPad features alongside more seamlessness for inter-product working. The macOS Monterey is getting new FaceTime capabilities with Share play and Shared with you. Quick Note and Notes give you versatile ways to access your stuff quickly.  Continuity is getting a big update with Universal Control on macOS Monterey. If you set your iPad next to the Mac, and as you drag your mouse cursor to the direction of the iPad, you get the option to control the iPad with that same peripheral, which means you no longer require extra accessories for your iPad to get productive work done. The feature is an extension of SideCar. 


Universal Control will drag and drop media between your Apple devices like the iMac, MacBook, and the iPad. You can start your video editing on your MacBook and remove an image from the iPad to your video without the need to mess with the settings or enable any option. Everything works more seamlessly with the macOS Monterey.

Further, AirPlay is getting an update as you can now AirPlay to the larger display on the Mac from your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, you can even use their higher-fidelity speakers as a result. Apple is also introducing Short Cuts on macOS Monterey. These work with Siri as well. Moreover, the Automator workflows will continue, but you can import them to the Short Cuts.  Apart from the OS-level updates, Apple’s Safari browser is getting a big update as well. You will be able to group tabs on the browser, and the web extensions are now supported from iPhone and iPad.  As its WWDC 2021, Apple also announced several updates to its apps like FaceTime and iMessage alongside the iOS 15, watchOS 8, and iPadOS 15.

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