Apple now offers yearly AppleCare+ plan for new Mac buyers

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Apple recently updated its AppleCare+ website with new plan offerings for Mac buyers. The company is now offering new Mac buyers an option to buy AppleCare+ as a yearly subscription. Earlier, Apple used to offer AppleCare+ as a three-year plan wherein users had to pay the price for full three years at once. Now, AppleCare+ can be subscribed for three years but can be paid for on a year-on-year basis.

New Mac owners can sign up for yearly AppleCare+ at the time of purchase or up to about one month after purchasing it. Users can take up the new annual plan by contacting Apple through its retail stores, the online Apple Store, its Apple Support app, and even by phone.

As expected, an AppleCare+ annual subscription will cost you a bit more than if you pay the full amount for three years at once. As noted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, you’ll end up paying $40 more if you subscribe to an AppleCare+ annual subscription for a 16-inch MacBook Pro rather than the three-year plan. AppleCare+’s yearly subscription for the 16-inch MacBook Pro is priced at $140 per year whereas the three-year plan costs $380. So you’ll end up paying $40 more.

applecare+ yearly plan

Similarly, for the 13-inch MacBook Air, you’ll end up paying an additional $10 over the three-year period. The new changes come nearly two months after Apple slashed the price of AppleCare+ plans for its new M1 MacBooks.

AppleCare+ extends the warranty of your Mac. Normally, a Mac comes with 1 year of limited warranty but by purchasing AppleCare +, you can extend it up to a total of three years — and now even more by subscribing to a monthly plan after three years. AppleCare+ includes accidental damages and priority access to Apple Support.

Have you ever purchased AppleCare+ with your new Apple devices? Do you think the service is good enough? Or do you think third-party insurance is better? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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