Barry’s latest fitness app supports on-camera workouts

by Jeremy


Most gyms and fitness clubs turned to Zoom and online classes to make it through the early stages of the pandemic. That’s something Barry’s did with its At Home program, and now it’s building on that work with the release of a new app called Barry’s X. Much like Apple Fitness+, Peloton and Daily Burn, you can use the software to access live and on-demand workouts. But in trying to replicate the in-person experience it’s known for, you can also turn on your phone’s camera and a built-in “Red Room” filter during a class. Barry’s says the feature will allow its instructors to offer personalized attention. 

In-app privacy settings allow you to control who sees you when you’re on camera. You can set it so only your instructor can access your feed. It’s also possible to include your friends in the mix. And if you’re the type of person who wants to show off, you can let the whole class see you. The company says it will also cap class sizes to ensure instructors can help every participant.

Outside of the camera feature, the app includes a “FitFam” social media component where you can add friends to see their schedules and stats, as well as invite them to classes you want to try. Pricing will depend on how much you plan to use the app. Monthly memberships start at $39. The entry-level package includes access to four classes every 30 days. If you already pay for an in-studio membership, you can buy a $20 add-on that gives you access to the app’s on-demand content. Another option is to pay for classes individually, though that will set you back $20 per session.

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