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5G is moving quickly, and with coverage finally reaching more people thanks to Sub-6 5G, and as a result, every primary carrier has 5G plans available. Verizon has been moving quickly on its nationwide 5G network and the continued expansion of its Ultra Wideband network, making it one of the best 5G plans to consider. T-Mobile and AT&T are still ahead in coverage, thanks to their early sub-6 start. The best plan for you might depend on whether or not you get coverage. The best overall plan for 5G is T-Mobile’s Magenta plan with unlimited data, Netflix, and significant family savings.

Best Overall: T-Mobile Magenta

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

Unlike other carriers, T-Mobile offers 5G on all of its plans, so if you upgrade to a 5G capable device, you can get connected with no hassle. T-Mobile’s 5G network isn’t the fastest right now, but it has the most coverage by far, and the continued expansion of its 2.5GHz coverage is adding more speed all the time. Even so, the rates on T-Mobile 5G should be plenty for normal phone usage. With that in mind, the Magenta plan is one of the best values on T-Mobile thanks to its unlimited data with deprioritization at 100GB and Netflix included.


This plan only includes 5GB of LTE hotspot, so it may be worth it to step up to the Magenta Max plan for $15 more if you use many data on your other devices. Similarly, you can drop down to the Essentials plan if you only need the basics. This makes T-Mobile one of the easiest ways to try out 5G without going for the most expensive plan. If you’re bringing the family, you can get your third line for free.

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