Best Android Phones Under $400 (March 2021)

by Jeremy

If you are looking for an affordable, mid-range smartphone, we think the Google Pixel 4a is the best Android phone you can get for under $400. That’s because it offers the same core experience as the higher-end Pixel 4 that preceded it. You get the same software and features and the same camera experience. The only shortcomings come in the hardware and a couple of the specs — an acceptable trade-off to save hundreds of dollars.


Best Overall Android Phone Under $400: Google Pixel 4a

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

The Pixel 3a from 2019 stood out as one of the best Android values for well over a year, and to fill its impressive shoes, we now have the Pixel 4a. Google took what worked about the 3a, kept it in place, and added a few improvements to make the Pixel 4a as fully-featured as possible — all while selling the Pixel 4a for less than what the 3a cost.

As with any Pixel phone, the best thing about the Pixel 4a is its camera. The 12.2MP single rear camera certainly isn’t impressive on paper, but it’s outstanding in actual use. Pictures are detailed, colors are great, and low-light photography is a piece of cake. As we said in our Pixel 4a review, this is one of those phones that you can whip out of your pocket, press the shutter button without too much thought, and get a great-looking photo every single time.

While the camera is undoubtedly the main draw to the Pixel 4a, it has many other things going for it, too. The AMOLED display looks nice; you can quickly get through a full day on a single charge, the 128GB of storage is very generous, and you get a clean build of Android 10 that’s backed by three years of guaranteed updates.

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