Best monitor for Chromebooks 2021

by Jeremy

Chrome OS already makes using desktop peripherals dead simple, and we’ve rounded up the best Chromebook external monitors for any situation. Chromebooks are perfect on-the-go computers for many people, but sometimes you want to sit down, relax, and do your thing with a big display. That’s why almost every laptop, regardless of what software is running on it, has some port to send video out to an external display. Our top recommendation is the incredible 4K LG 24UD58, but we’ve also rounded up other great options with lower resolutions and price points that will match up perfectly with one of the best Chromebooks.

Best overall: LG 24UD58-B 4K UHD

Source: LG

The LG 24UD58 may not look as pretty as other options, but LG has gone out of its way to give users a great experience. This monitor sports a 4K UHD resolution, which is excellent for those who want to get work done and let off steam with a game. Chromebooks aren’t the best for gaming, but if you’re going to use your monitor with another machine, LG has included multiple pre-set modes so that you can game in the best “conditions.”

With Screen Split 2.0 and on-screen controls, the 24UD58 is sure to be a great companion for those times where you have to grind and do some multi-tasking. The on-screen controls give you a slew of different settings to adjust and customize, so you get the best experience possible regardless of what you are doing.

Unfortunately, you’ll be “stuck” using either HDMI or DisplayPort as the 24UD58 does not feature USB-C as a connectivity option. Plus, the bezels are a bit larger than what we would expect to see from a desktop monitor, especially when the competition is getting slimmer. Finally, those looking for an adjustable monitor stand will be disappointed, as you’ll need to find a monitor stand of your own if you need to change the height of the 24UD58.

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