Best OnePlus Nord N100 Screen Protectors 2021

by Jeremy

There’s no doubt that you already grabbed one of the best Nord N100 cases, but that means you’re going to need to keep the screen looking great with the best Nord N100 screen protectors. OnePlus is taking on the budget market with the Nord N100, and it has the potential to be one of the best cheap Android phones of the year. But even though it’s “cheap,” you’ll still want to make sure you keep its screen looking fantastic.

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LK makes some of the best screen protectors for any phone, and the company is back with a screen protector kit for the Nord N100. There are three case-friendly tempered glass protectors for the front, along with three for the camera module.

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It only makes sense for OnePlus to offer a screen protector for its latest device with this PET Screen protector for the Nord N100. If you don’t like the difference in touch sensitivity that you get with glass, film protectors offer some scratch-protection while still being thin and responsive.

$15 at OnePlus

With some screen protectors, you may end up sacrificing the quality of the display, which can be rather frustrating. Those concerns can be put to rest with the Magglass UHD Screen Guard. You’ll get an Ultra High Definition screen protector that is just 0.3mm thick without sacrificing the benefits of using tempered glass.

Even when a company includes multiple screen protectors in the box, like this three-pack of tempered glass protectors from Orzero, it’s nice when there’s a warranty available. Orzero offers a lifetime warranty on its Nord N100 screen protectors, so if anything happens that you didn’t cause, you’ll be able to get a replacement.

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Although PET Film screen protectors won’t do too much to protect the display from cracking, they’re still helpful for people who don’t like material getting in the way of the screen. This package from J&D includes six matte screen protectors, which provide a more natural feeling when using your Nord N100.

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