Best sports games for PS4 2021

by Jeremy

The PS4 has an immense catalog of great games that let you relax, visit a new world, or hang out with friends online. That includes a vast number of sports games catering to fans and competitors of every type. So whether you want to put together a dream team featuring your favorite professional athletes or play a wild, futuristic sport that will test your reflexes and situational awareness, there’s a game for that. We’ve put together a guide to some of the best PS4 sports games available now so you can enjoy all the thrills.

Rocket League

Why play soccer with people when you can do it with customized Battle-Cars? Face your friends in the arena through local multiplayer and online play that lets you share games with people playing on PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. The impressive physics engine is easy to pick up and adds realism to the fantasy sport.

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Rocket League became free to play on all platforms last summer, which only added to the game’s popularity. If you want to pay a little, you can access unique challenges, tradeable items, and new cars. This year, the game runs events themed around NASCAR and Formula 1, so car buffs can earn rewards they’ll want to show off.

Rocket League is also a significant esports title, so players can learn new moves by watching the pros compete and even sign up to test their skills against the best teams. No matter what level you play, you’ll want to check in regularly to complete weekly challenges and check out limited-time modes that keep the game fresh.

Rocket League for PS4

Customize your battle car and compete online or locally in this physics-based game that combines soccer and driving. Use rocket boosters to launch your vehicles into the air as you try to score goals and block your opponents.


A sci-fi version of freestyle BMX, FutureGrind challenges you to master tricks and speed while avoiding electrocuting yourself by riding on the wrong rail. Chain together massive combos on floating rails across dozens of tracks to test your skills while also rewarding creativity.

Each bike model handles differently, encouraging you to adapt your style as you try to keep your sponsors happy. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with new bikes to race. There’s also a mysterious plot going on behind the scenes, with someone watching every move you make.

Combining Trials HD, Tron, and Tony Hawk elements, FutureGrind is a brightly colored, action-packed game with a great original soundtrack. It might be frustrating as you learn the system, but it will reward persistence.


Please your sponsors by showing off your moves in this stunt racing game. Rack up combos but don’t touch the wrong color, or you’ll explode.


Your fingers don’t have to be the only thing getting exercise when you play a sports game. BOXVR lets you get in a quick warmup or a full hour-long cardio boxing workout designed by fitness instructors and accompanied by your choice of music.


Your workout is recorded so you can see how many calories you’ve burned and track your fitness goals, helping you stay motivated by showing your daily progress. Then, switch things up with 100 music tracks, including rock and hip-hop, that you can combine with exercise routines of varying intensity. Finally, save your custom workouts so you can hop right in and start sweating. The game requires a PSVR, PlayStation Camera, and two PlayStation Move controllers to use. You can play it alone or join up to five other players online to get the feel of a group workout class.

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