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by Jeremy

Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or someone with a long commute to work every day, backpacks are the most efficient way to carry a full day’s worth of gear without having to fuss with annoying rolling bags or messenger bags that wreck your shoulder. They’re also a huge commodity, with thousands of tech backpacks to choose from, ranging from plain empty bags to more specialized options with dividers, pouches, and pockets galore. These are the best backpacks that cater specifically to tech.

Best Overall: Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2

Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

Peak Design makes one of the most instantly recognizable backpacks around. The San Francisco-based company makes bags that put an equal focus on both aesthetics and functionality. The result is a bag that many of us on the Android Central team use every day. The Everyday Backpack v2 is available in 20L and 30L configurations to accommodate different body types and carry needs.

The design is the same on either size bag and starts with a magnetic latch on the top flap that allows for quick access and helps keep others out. Along with the rest of the pack, that flap is protected by a hydrophobic coating that keeps water away from your electronics. There are four metal bars along the front that you can attach the magnetic latch onto to adjust the storage capacity of the bag, doubling as a security measure that keeps passersby from quickly getting into your bag.

No other bag is as easily adaptable as the Everyday Backpack.

Inside, there are several adjustable dividers that you can rearrange to fit your belongings perfectly, and the bag opens from the sides for easy access. The Everyday Backpack v2 is also covered in hidden compartments and expandable pockets that can hold everything from water bottles to small tripods. Peak Design even makes its travel tripod specifically designed to fit in the Everyday Backpack’s side pockets.

Compared to the original Everyday Backpack, the v2 brings with it a rounder, sleeker design with more flexible mesh compartments and smoother zippers that shouldn’t break nearly as often. The straps have also been upgraded with considerably better padding, and new magnets keep the luggage passthrough and straps tidy when not in use.

The Everyday Backpack v2 isn’t cheap by any means. But if you do a lot of travel and you need a durable bag that can hold up to regular use and adapt to your ever-changing carry load, it’s a worthwhile investment.


  • Easily adjustable internal dividers
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Tons of hidden and expandable compartments
  • Available in two sizes
  • Plenty of theft-preventative features


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