Characteristics of Computer

by Jeremy

The computer has become an integral part of human life due to its features. Everyone uses computers according to their own characteristics, computers have many specialities. Let us know about the speciality of computers.

Features of computers

First feature of computer  – Speed 

While one takes you time to do a small calculation, the computer can do a lot of calculations in less than a second, this speed is provided by the processor. The speed of the computer is measured in Hertz, the computer working The intensity is measured per second, per millisecond, per second, per nanosecond.

The second characteristic of a computer is Accuracy.

Doing error-free work means completing any good work with complete accuracy is another characteristic of computer, no mistake is ever done by computer, computer always gives correct result, because computer is not made by program made by us. Performs a task only by following the specified instructions, if the result given by the computer is being given wrong then there may be a mistake in its program which are prepared by human.

The third feature of a computer is Automation. 

When the computer is given a later instruction, it will continue to work automatically (Automation) until the task is completed, for example when the printer is asked to print 100 pages from the computer, then print the entire 100 pages. After this, the computer gets instructions to do all these tasks, he completes them on the basis of these instructions. The instructions are given by the program / software to the computer to do all the different things.

The fourth feature of a computer is permanent storage capacity:

Memory used in a computer is used for permanent storage of data, information and instructions. Since information is stored electronically in a computer, the information is less likely to end.

The fifth feature of a computer is large storage capacity: 

Unlimited data and information can be stored in a computer’s external and internal storage mediums (hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, CD RAM). Information can be stored in a computer that occupies less space. Hence its storage capacity is huge and unlimited.

The sixth feature of the computer is to retrieve stored information fast (Fast Retrieval):

 Necessary information can be obtained from information stored in a few seconds by computer use. The use of RAM- Random Access Memory has made that work even easier.

The seventh feature of computers is Quick Decision ability: 

The computer analyzes the situation with the ability to make quick decisions based on the instructions given earlier.

Eighth feature of a computer (Versatility): 

Various types of tasks can be done with the help of computer. Modern computers have the ability to do different types of tasks simultaneously.

Repetition of computer’s new feature: 

By ordering a computer, the same type of work can be done repeatedly and with reliability.

The tenth characteristic of computers is Agility: 

The computer being a machine is devoid of human defects. It does not feel tired and boredom and works with equal capacity every time.

Eleventh Feature of Computer Secrecy:

The use of a password can make the computer’s work confidential. Only the person who knows the password can view or change the data and programs kept in the computer using the password.

The twelfth feature of computers is Uniformity of work: 

Despite doing the same task repeatedly and continuously, the quality of work of the computer has no effect.

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