Chrome browser will now tell you when you have a weak password; details

by Jeremy

Google has also introduced several under the hood changes to Chrome 88.

Google Chrome 88: Tech giant Google has announced a slew of significant updates for its Chrome 88. In an announcement on Tuesday, the search engine giant said that Chrome 88 would get improved password protection and features like tab search. These are among many enhancements and bug fixes that Chrome 88 is about to get, including less intrusive permission requests and a better dark theme for Chrome 88 support on Windows 10. Google is also pulling the plug on FTP


URLs support on Chrome. The biggest of these updates is the improved password protection, allowing users to fix their weak passwords quickly by identifying when a password is invalid and asking the users to replace it with a stronger password, which could then be stored in Chrome. Moreover, Chrome 88 would allow users to easily update multiple passwords and usernames, all in one place. This feature, however, is only available for Google Chrome desktop and iOS users for now and would soon also be available for Android users. To access this feature, users would just have to head to Chrome Settings, where they can manage their saved passwords.

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