Clubhouse CEO confirms plans of a subscription tool for creators

by Jeremy

Clubhouse – the audio-driven chat platform that played host to Tesla CEO Elon Musk a couple of days ago – has exploded in popularity lately. Even though it is still iOS-exclusive, the company is planning an Android debut bolstered by a fresh round of funding that has upped its valuation to over a billion dollars. Now, Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison has confirmed in an interview that the company is planning to introduce a subscription tool that will allow creators to make money by hosting audio-only group interactions.

“There are so many incredible people who are smart, who are funny, who have domain expertise, who are just great at bringing people together. And what we want to allow them to do is to make a living directly on Clubhouse through things like subscriptions and ticketed events and receiving tips from listeners who are happy to pay them directly for the experiences that they’re creating for them” Davison was quoted as saying by CNBC.

A week ago, the company announced plans to add more features to its platform, one of which was the arrival of a subscription tool for its community of creators. However, the company also has a few other monetization tricks in the pipeline, such as a tip feature and ticket sales for paid events. Right now, Clubhouse lacks any monetization tools and is even devoid of ads. The Clubhouse also has plans to add more accessibility.

Localization tools and aims to utilize the fresh round of funding to scale up the infrastructure and add advanced tools to evade abusive use of its platform. Right now, Clubhouse is a pretty barebones affair, with no option to exchange immersive media such as videos, photos, or even engage in a text-based chat with other members. However, it remains to be seen how Clubhouse plans to turn a profit – via ads or by taking a cut from subscription fees – as the arrival on Android will give a massive boost to its user base. At the same time, the addition of new features will require upgrading its infrastructure.

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