ColorOS 11 Review: Learn all its features in 7 points

by Jeremy

India’s mobile market is among the world’s largest smartphone markets. Unesco tech companies and brands showcase their technology every month and launch new smartphones. There are plenty of options in all price ranges from low budget to flagship segment according to the needs of the people. When it comes to choosing a smartphone, it is often seen that there are many smartphones from different brands that have the same price and specifications are also the same. In such a situation, the question arises of how the design, display, RAM, storage, camera, processor, and battery in the phone are all equal even after being separated from each other? So let us tell you that despite all the specifications being the same, the OS is different, i.e., the operating system. Recently OPPO has launched its new operating system ColorOS 11, in India, which is very attractive and equipped with advanced features and tools. To test this new version, we also used OPPO Find X2, which is fitted with ColorOS 11, and the know-how unique this new OPPO ColorOS 11 is from others.

Android 11 support

First of all, let me tell you that ColorOS 11 works with Android 11 on smartphones. Along with advanced features, it also helps to make the phone’s performance fast and smooth. According to the company, with the help of ColorOS 11, the RAM usage in the phone increases by 45 percent. Similarly, the company has claimed to have a response rate of 32 percent and frame rate stability of up to 17 percent. At the same time, OPPO’s claims during the use of the phone proved to be true. Phone usage, app launch, transition, and touch response were smooth and fast.1 of 3  


Every wish will be fulfilled in personalization

Everyone wants them to decorate their smartphone not just from the external look but also from the inside. Everyone likes to set the phone’s theme, wallpaper, font, icon, color, layout, etc., according to your mood and allows you to do so OPPO ColorOS 11. The tab of ‘Personalization’ is given as soon as you open the phone settings, Which can create an internal look and style. Here, users will get all the options to change the look and style of their phone altogether. In the ‘Theme Store’, users can choose their unique themes and wallpapers according to their style and swag.

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