Coronavirus leads to legacy modernisation cloud boost

by Jeremy

More than three-quarters (77%) of the IT executives surveyed by Upwave for Lemongrass said their primary motivations for migrating their legacy systems to cloud infrastructures were securing their data, maintaining data access, and saving money. In a data-driven world, securing and analyzing that data is crucial, and cloud providers offer many tools and services to do those jobs.

LeMoyne-Owen College

The survey found that almost 60% of legacy projects were on time, and more than 60% came in at the correct cost. Nearly 70% of respondents said the price of a typical legacy-to-cloud migration fell between $100,000 and $250,000, and 57% said projects rarely come in under budget. However, 42% said difficulty in training end-users on the legacy systems now running on cloud infrastructures was the top issue for them, and 34% said it was a lack of in-house skills that made running those legacy systems most difficult.

According to Lemongrass, prime among those skills was database management and programming, as cited by nearly half the respondents. Other critical skills needed were artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Meanwhile, the third annual Nutanix enterprise cloud index report, which measures organizations’ plans for adopting private, hybrid, and public clouds, said there had been a significant decline in public sector organizations running their data centers.

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