Danessa Myricks Petals & Rebirth Colorfix Foils Reviews & Swatches

by Jeremy

The formula is a cream product that is supposed to be “highly pigmented,” “smudge-proof,” “waterproof, and “rapid drying.” They’re multi-purpose products that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks (though note: the Foil finish includes plastic, or PET, glitter, which is technically not considered red eye-safe via FDA). The key takeaway with this formula is that they mean “rapid drying” — it is both a pro and a con, but you have to work quickly and efficiently when using this product on the skin where one might want to diffuse or spread or blend out edges. While the brand is consumer-friendly, makeup artists particularly favored this product, and I did feel like there was a learning curve with them.

Some shades dry a little faster than others, and once they dry down, they are pretty smudge-proof as marketed, so they don’t want to be moved. Attempts to blend them out after they set often resulted in the product lifting off the skin. They are also, typically, quite pigmented, so one should exercise caution when applying to cheeks initially. I found that some of the more sparkly shades were sheerer. The consistency was thin, lightweight, and a runnier cream, which made it easy to squeeze out more product than desired from the tube for the uninitiated. After a few uses, I was able to dial in the pressure I needed to squeeze out the product and consistently get what I needed from there.


Depending on the intensity of the shade relative to your skin tone and whether you want a sheerer or more opaque result, fingertips or synthetic brushes would be the primary tools. I found that I often preferred to put a little product on the back of my hand and then use either my fingertips (for more all-over application) or a brush (for more precise or opaque application). I liked fluffy synthetic brushes to diffuse the edges or sheer out the product for precision and ease of use (as my fingertips are a little larger than my eye size).

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