DevOps education missing from many computer science degree programs

by Jeremy

University student enrollment in computer science programs has been increasing over the years. Still, many of those programs focus heavily on the foundations of writing code and not on some of what is needed once a developer enters the workforce, such as DevOps practices. 

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“I would say that most college graduates who are studying computer science and learning coding come out of their degree program with an excellent grasp of the fundamentals of coding, usually with a specific language or two,” said Dr. Christina Hupy, senior education program manager at GitLab on a recent episode of the podcast What the Dev. “They learn how to build code, how to run code, how to compile it and do some testing. And then, from there, it varies. Generally speaking, we find that the DevOps process itself when we’re looking at the DevOps stages are not being taught.”

PODCAST EPISODE: The state of DevOps in CS education

According to Hupy, universities tend to teach from an individual perspective where a student writes code as a single text file as an artifact of what they’re learning. In contrast, in most companies practicing DevOps, there is a lot of collaboration going on where coding is happening in teams and as an iterative process.

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