Doing more with less: How three colleges turned to tech to navigate the mayhem of COVID-19

by Jeremy

Higher education institutions are at an inflection point. For years, the industry has faced pressure to deliver results amid financial aid reform, diminished funding, and changing expectations from students and prospects around the campus experience and the technologies that enable it. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic severely exacerbated these challenges while also introducing a host of new ones. Institutions scrambled to adjust to remote learning and working structures, as well as rapidly changing health and safety protocols.


Many colleges saw a sharp drop in enrollment numbers as returning and prospective students questioned the value of pursuing higher education online. Simultaneously, additional revenue from sources such as residential life, summer programs, and sports evaporated, precipitating higher education’s most considerable workforce reduction in a generation.

In light of all this, one thing has become clear: a modern IT landscape better equips institutions to do more with less and navigate prolonged uncertainty successfully. Institutions that have been reluctant to migrate their on-premises technology assets to the cloud have found it particularly difficult to cope with the rapidly shifting reality and ambiguity brought on by COVID-19. On the other hand, those who had a head start on their digital transformations before the onset of the global pandemic have fared much better.

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