EcoFlow launches the DELTA mini, a super portable power station

by Jeremy

EcoFlow makes some of the best power stations on the market right now, with solutions ranging from products designed for short camping trips to devices that can power any appliance in your home for days on end. People’s access to reliable power is changing, and there has recently been an increased need for these types of power stations. To create a more accessible power station that is designed for everyone, EcoFlow launches the DELTA mini.

The DELTA mini is super compact and lightweight. It can effortlessly fit in the back of any sized car, on your desk, under a table, or easily transported. Even with the smaller size, EcoFlow didn’t skip out on any of the features you’d expect to find in a large power station. You can still use things like 300w solar input charging, 882Wh capacity, and a 1400W power output that can power 90% of household appliances.

The EcoFlow DELTA will launch on HSN at a discounted price of $799. This sale will begin on September 5th. The sale price is a limited-time offer that will only be available for the launch of the product. Please take advantage of the sale while it’s known since the standard price will be $999 through the EcoFlow website.

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