Even Apple’s own employees aren’t happy with new CSAM features

by Jeremy

Earlier this month, Apple announced some new child-safety features coming to iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monterey. The new features allow Apple to scan photos in the iCloud Library and iMessages for sensitive content and potential child abuse. Despite the excellent use, the new CSAM features have drawn a lot of backlash from industry experts. After the feature’s launch, many security researchers expressed their concerns that it could be used for scanning other materials as well. Governments could force Apple to watch for photos not only for CSAM content, but they also said. A widely renowned intelligence consultant, Edward Snowden, said that “the feature will turn everybody’s iPhone into “iNarcs.”

Now, according to a new report from Reuters, even Apple’s employees aren’t happy with the new CSAM photo scanning feature. An internal Slack channel of the company has been flooded with over 800 messages regarding the photo scanning features. Employees have expressed their concern and said the “governments looking to find other material for censorship or arrest.”

Past security changes at Apple have also prompted concern among employees, but the volume and duration of the new debate is surprising, the workers said. Some posters worried that Apple is damaging its leading reputation for protecting privacy.

In the Slack thread, “employees have pushed back against criticism,” while others have opted not to voice their opinions. Core security team members of Apple in the Slack line didn’t have any “major complaints” about the photo scanning feature. On the other hand, they said Apple.

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