Exceptional digital marketing services can help brands to establish brand authority!

by Jeremy

Digital marketing provides equal opportunity to start ups and big businesses to gain brand value, the trust of the audiences, and more conversions. Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing – it focuses more on personalized marketing.

Agencies like Blurn.com offer great digital solutions and work as an extension of a brand. The digital marketing services offered by Blurn can help a brand establish its strong presence online, including on social media.

In the modern age, brands have endless options to advertise their products or services. The most important thing would be to understand how each digital channel works and how it can be helpful for brands to achieve their marketing goals.

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Advantages of Digital Marketing


  • Global Reach: Owning a website helps a brand gain local and a global presence with less investment.


  • Low Cost: A digital marketing campaign requires proper planning to reach the right customers but at lower costs than implementing traditional marketing methods.
  • Measurable & Trackable Results: Using web analytics to measure and track online marketing tools helps establish the campaign’s effectiveness easily. Various tools help in understanding how customers use the websites of brands or respond to the advertising.
  • Personalization: Whenever some existing customer visits a brand’s website, the brand can easily greet them using targeted offers. The more the customers prefer using the brand’s services or products, the more trustworthy the brand becomes. This helps in increasing brand value.
  • Openness: Building customer loyalty and creating a good reputation for the brand becomes easy with openness. Social media makes engagement with the audience easier and effective.
  • Social Currency: Digital marketing provides a platform to create engaging content to boost conversions. The content can be shared across social media platforms which helps in increasing traffic, engagement, and conversions.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: If a brand owns a website, the customers can be just a few clicks away from purchasing. A well- designed website with engaging content motivates customers to opt for a product or a service. Unlike other forms of traditional media where the customers have to make a call or go to a shop to get products, digital marketing can help them purchase products or services in a few clicks. Thus, an increase in engagement can increase conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Channels

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Most people begin their shopping journey by using search engines. Therefore, ensure your brand’s website is optimized for search engines. Ranking higher on search engines makes your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of the customers. Onsite and offsite SEO needs constant monitoring and tweaking based on the changing search algorithms of search engines.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Most brands look for faster results in a short period of time. Search engine marketing or paid search helps in gaining more visibility and clicks from search engines. Various tools help in creating an ad campaign and to help brands gain more visibility and conversions.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing has not lost its importance. It is still relevant and used differently. It has the potential to deliver a positive Return on Investment (ROI). If the content used in email is personalized and well-targeted, the existing customers respond or engage with the content that leads to sales. Asking customers for their feedback after the purchase can also make customers feel that the brand values their opinion.
  • Content Marketing: The sole focus of an online retailer cannot be sold. The brand shows authoritativeness in the niche market by making use of valuable and high-quality content. It can be an informative write-up on what the customers would be interested in reading. Well-written, engaging content can also help earn backlinks for a website that can help the website rank higher in the search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media networks consume most of the user attention due to their features. Utilizing social media effectively can be one of the best things a brand can do to gain brand value and conversions. Staying active by posting on social media handles like Facebook or Instagram is just a part of remaining active. There should be effective communication between the brand and customers. This helps a brand to reach out to customers easily.


  • Display Advertising: Banner ads may not be as effective like it was sometime back. However, if planned well, such ads can have a positive impact. Unless the banner ads have the right message, customers ignore such ads and may even abandon the site. Hence, make use of display advertising cautiously.


  • Behavioural Remarketing: If behavioral remarketing is done correctly, it can help convert shoppers into actual customers. Modern technology allows retailers to target website visitors with specific products or services they might show interest in.


  • Mobile Marketing: Internet browsing nowadays is not limited to a computer or a laptop. Many smartphone users browse the internet on the go. Other than calling and texting, people use smartphones for internet surfing, online banking, shopping online, research a product before buying it, and so on. Even for socializing, various apps are installed on a smartphone. Customers behave differently when using a smartphone. Hence, a brand should have a strategy specifically designed for smartphone users to target them at the right time with the right message!

Traditional marketing no longer has the impact it used to have due to the boom of digital marketing trends. Customers are glued to their smartphones and technology, with a limited attention span.  A brand’s main focus should be to grab customers’ attention by communicating effective stories or content that can impact the target audience. This would make customers take the right action on time and purchase a product or opt for the services of a brand. Maintaining a good balance of traditional and digital marketing can be effective for a brand as it can also target the audience who still use traditional methods to shop.

Agencies like Blurn help brands multiply their profits by ideating, designing, and implementing a unique digital marketing strategy that suits a brand. The Digital Marketing Services Blurn can help brands to outperform their competitors in record time.

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