Five tips for Olympian applications

by Jeremy

The performance of world-class athletes as they train for the Olympic games and engineering the performance of your applications in preparation for production releases share some attractive traits. This blog will share some basic guiding principles that will help make your applications finish strong.

Efficiency, Not Just Speed

Not every Olympic sport is a speed race. There are plenty of other areas where winning is about strength or agility. All events aren’t equal in terms of physical demands, nor do all events focus on the same kind of capability. Efficiency is the common thread. Whether you are skiing down a slope or lifting a heavyweight, generally, the more efficiently the tasks are carried out, the better the score. When it comes to applications, the same is true. Performance engineering as

an activity is often about measuring how fast something is or how quickly it can be tuned to be. However, speed for the sake of speed can lead to other issues. Many clients stated that their main goal was to make performance testing automated and repeatable in a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline. Building out this automation, so it is a faster way to test, isn’t valuable in and of itself. It is about getting performance feedback as soon as possible and in an automated fashion. What if this fast, automated testing CI pipeline doesn’t find performance problems, but your organization still wrestles with performance issues in production? It may be that what you automated to run so fast isn’t the right thing.

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