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by Jeremy

Whether it is Gmail, YouTube or any other social media account there, the password of your email ID is the key to all those accounts and often after we login the email ID in our phone, we forget its password, the reason is that we Sometimes there is no need to enter the password and we do not note it anywhere, but now if we have to reset the phone or we have to login in Windows, then the password is very important and if you have forgotten the password then Cause a lot of trouble 

Here we are going to know all the ways by which you can recover your Gmail password if you have forgotten it. 

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Recovery

First of all, look at the Save password option of Google Chrome browser, this option is where we often save the password while entering it in the browser so that the next time we login, we do not need to enter the password, for that you update Google Chrome And you have to click on where you will see your photo, below that you will see the option of password, click on it too.

Now here you will see all your websites whose passwords you have saved there and their user names and passwords. Now to see the password of this website, for example, for Gmail, click on the icon like an eye next to it, like when you click on this icon, a popup window will open here, here you have to enter the password for your windows. So that he knows that what belongs to this computer is you, as soon as you enter your Windows password, then you will get the password displayed. Done first way, now we know more ways

Enter the last password

Open your Gmail and put your email ID where you want to recover the password, where you will see the option with password below, you will also get the option of Forget password, now click on Forget password, this will open a new window. And here it will be written Enter the last password Here you have to enter your password which you have kept your email id or not, if you remember any old password, you can enter it here, it will verify the email And after that you will be allowed to change the password, if you do not remember any old password, then click on Try Another way, this will bring you another option.

Phone verification

In this option, a message will be sent to the phone in which you have ever used your email ID. Here the mobile number does not mean that Google wants to verify your mobile device in which you have used this email ID. So as you click on this here, a message will come on your phone, where you will be given a special number, you have to click on it and after doing this, the password of your email id will be recovered if you have the phone If not, you can click on Try Another way

Number verification

Here Google will send a message to your mobile number, it will call and you will be given a code in that you have to enter that code in the browser and after doing this your password of your email id will be recovered if you do not remember your mobile number. And if you do not have a mobile number, you can click on I don’t have my phone

Email verification

Whenever we create a new email id on gmail, we are asked for a recovery email id or even later, gmail asks us such an email id if in case of emergency your email stops or forget the password. It can be recovered with the help of ID, here you will be asked the same email ID that you have entered as a recovery email, a verification code will be sent to this email ID which you have to enter in your browser. The ID will be allowed to recover the password. If you have not entered any such email ID, you can click on Try Another way

When did you create this Google Account

Now Google will ask you that the email id you want to recover when you created it, here you have to enter the month and year of the same email id, if your information is correct, then Google will ask you to recover the password will allow.

Out of all these information asked by Google, if you do not have any information available then, in the end, you will be asked for an email ID and the Google team will contact you and ask you some questions that if you answer them correctly then The Gmail ID password will be recovered, otherwise you cannot recover it

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