Fujifilm’s GFX 100S crams a huge 102-megapixel sensor into a compact body

by Jeremy

Fujifilm has unveiled the GFX 100S with a huge 102-megapixel medium-format sensor and a surprisingly compact body. It’s smaller than Panasonic’s full-frame S1R and just a bit heavier than the Canon R5 and Sony’s A7R IV. However, it has more features than Fujifilm has ever packed into a GFX camera, including in-body stabilization, improved autofocus, and impressive 4K capability.

Fujifilm's GFX 100S has a huge 102-megapixel sensor and a compact body. It is shown here held down at someone's side by their leg, cropped to just the camera and leg.

Unveiled along with the newly designed X-E4, the GFX 100S packs a back-illuminated, large-format 102-megapixel sensor. That allows for high-detail photos with “enough dynamic range to allow for astonishing push and pull adjustments in post-production,” Fujifilm said. You can get even higher resolution shots up to 400-megapixels in size using Fuji’s Pixel Shift Multi-Shot feature if you’re willing to use a tripod.

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