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by Jeremy

It turns out the most important decision made was not the vote to choose (and remove) in the election but Twitter’s permanent banning of the former President from the social network. Suddenly the temperature cooled, the new administration engaged with the details of vaccine rollout, and the second impeachment trial ended with an expected outcome. Twitter’s move was bipartisan if the prosecution was not.

Twitter’s other big move was the acquisition of Revue, a Substack competitor we’re moving to in the production of the Gillmor Gang newsletter. It features tools to drag and drop articles from Twitter, Feedly, and other newsletters, but crucially, it can reorganize these chunks as the writing develops. I bet that the newsletter container will absorb blogs, podcasts and stream them into a reorganized media platform available to creators small and large. This kind of organic process development meshes well with the newsletter model.

It encourages more timely releases and an editorial feel that prizes quality over quantity. As newsletters proliferate, an evaluation of time over volume becomes most significant. It’s less an eyeball pattern than prioritizing what is not chosen and what is consumed or annotated with social recommendations. As with the Gang’s Frank Radice Nuzzel newsletter, the focus becomes less flow and more authority or resonance.

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