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by Jeremy

Don’t forget the brave athletes who dare to fail for the more excellent safety of their colleagues. Celebrate the public servants and the difficult personal choices that lead us to honesty, empathy, resolute decisions that will draw distinctions between malignant fraud and tangible outcomes at the ballot box. If politicians refuse to answer questions, draft laws to weed them out of the process itself. Hold the media to the fire they pretend to examine in their choices of coverage, debate, and commercial breaks.

We’ve been having an argument about the time delay between recording a show and releasing it here on Techcrunch in a post-produced fashion with music added, Sneak Peeks produced to promote the show, and a post somehow related to the context of the front two or so weeks ago. In generating the text, I’ve noticed the time delay serves a valuable purpose of diluting the real-time urgency of the conversation with what ends up being a healthy dose of context derived from what happened. The news is always rendered as the first draft of history, but the constant need for ratings creates this underlying pressure to convert stories from insight to controversial clickbait.

Marshaled through this take-the-foot-off-the-gas filter, the black and white become more shades of gray, less subject to the attitudes of the individual Gang members, and more attuned to the sense of the group as a whole. Take the perennial struggle between social media giants and antitrust pressure to regulate the worst aspects of the social storm. One side decries attempts to rein in the success of these companies in building audiences and unparalleled power in the marketplace — a version of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The other side says it is indeed broke and needs to be fixed by breaking up these new monopolies born of user satisfaction with the stream of commentary, sarcasm, and family news. Or perhaps the battle lines are drawn around individual rights versus the collective good, as with the struggle to get COVID under control via vaccination mandates. In the middle between these hard-coded partisan stances is potentially something gentler than being proper and more potent in its sense of compromise.

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