Google enabling data-driven experiences at scale through new Looker updates

by Jeremy

Google today announced new features that will help organizations deliver data-driven experiences at scale in Looker 21, the platform that allows anyone in a business to analyze and find insights in datasets quickly. One new feature is the Extension Framework available as part of the new Looker Developer Portal. The framework allows developers to build applications and data experiences easier by handling hosting, authentication, authorization, and more.

It reduces developer friction by handling the hosting, security, and DevOps, so developers can focus solely on building a great user experience and trust that delivering it won’t be a struggle,” Pedro Arellano, the director of Looker Outbound Product Management, wrote in a blog postAlso, the new components for filters feature to bring the filters on any dashboard in Looker into any embedded application or extension. Developers can make changes to the filters on the Looker dashboard

and automatically get them reflected in the filter components in a custom application. Looker now supports hosting on Microsoft Azure in addition to Google Cloud and AWS. According to the company, by hosting Looker on the cloud of their choice, organizations can improve performance, consolidate cloud deployments, meet compliance requirements, and better fit analytics into their cloud strategy.  Additional features in the new release include Looker Block for retail that offers a transaction-item-level table to unlock insights, a Looker mobile app, LookML Diagram, and more.

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