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by Jeremy

Google has reached an agreement with an association of French publishers over how it will be paying for the reuse of snippets of their content. This is a result of applying a ‘neighboring right’ for news transposed into national law following a pan-EU copyright reform agreed back in 2019. The tech giant had sought to evade paying French publishers using content snippets in its news aggregation and search products by no longer displaying them in the country.

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But in April last year, the French competition watchdog quashed its attempt to avoid payments, using an urgent procedure known as interim measures — deeming Google’s unilateral withdrawal of snippets to be unfair and damaging to the press sector and likely to constitute an abuse of a dominant market position.

A few months later, Google lost an appeal against the watchdog’s injunction ordering it to negotiate to pay for reuse of snippets — leaving it little choice but to sit at the table with French publishers and talk payment.

L’Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale (APIG), representing the interests of around 300 political and general information press titles in France, announced the framework agreement today, writing that it sets the terms of negotiation with its members for Google’s reuse of their content.

In a statement, Pierre Louette, CEO of Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien, and president of L’Alliance, said: “After long months of negotiations, this agreement is an important milestone, which marks the effective recognition of the neighboring rights of press publishers and the beginning of their remuneration by digital platforms for the use of their online publications.”

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