Google makes Meet moderation easier by allowing up to 25 people to co-host

by Jeremy

It can be challenging for a single host to manage large unruly video meetings, particularly given the complexity and features available in video conferencing apps these days. Now, Google has a solution for its Meet app with a new feature that allows you to have up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting, as 9to5Google has reported. That way, they can split chores like muting participants, launching polls, managing Q&As and more, while you focus on the business at hand.

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Until now, the feature was only available to Google Workspace for Education customers. Now, it’s on all of Google’s Meet apps across desktop and mobile, including users with personal Google accounts. On top of that, Google introduced new controls for meeting hosts, extended to co-hosts. All hosts will limit who can share their screen, limit who can send chat messages, mute all with one click, end the meeting for all, and control who can join the discussion and how they can join with the “quick access” setting. The latter allows participants in the same domain to enter automatically.  Quick access” allows automatic video call entry for users in the same field. If disabled, hosts must join first, and those not invited will have to request permission to enter. Otherwise, the host must join first and permit anyone who isn’t invited.

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