How biotech firm Luminex manages field service

by Jeremy

Luminex, the US-based medical test equipment provider, has used ServiceMax since 2013 to support field service engineers. Among the machines it provides to the healthcare sector is the Aries Sars-CoV-2 Assay, used for coronavirus lab tests.

When it started on its journey to manage its field service workforce, the company wanted to create more interdepartmental visibility, especially between sales and service. The commercial teams did not have a view of scheduled and completed service activity, and the service teams did not have an effective way to communicate new opportunities to sales.

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At the time, Luminex had recently begun using Salesforce and saw an opportunity to capture each customer interaction, from the service history to order and shipping history to what entitlements they carried. This marked the start of Luminex’s digital journey, as Steve Nava, senior director for global field service at Luminex, explains.

“We began in 2013 to eliminate paper and enter the digital world, using ServiceMax to record service inventory control,” he says. ServiceMax also enabled Luminex to manage asset tracking across its installed base of customers. When combined with the Chatter functionality in Salesforce, he says Luminex could log issues associated with customers’ devices.

As well as integration with Salesforce, Luminex has also integrated ServiceMax with its ERP system. Nava says that when a customer issue is logged in to the tech support center, a record is created, which details the customer’s problem and the serial number of the equipment experiencing the issue.

He says the call is then dispatched in an automated fashion, where ServiceMax finds the right engineer based on skillset and the engineer’s vicinity regarding the customer site. “ServiceMax determines who gets an alert and puts update on Chatter, so everyone is aware of the work order and can then coordinate and schedule a site visit with the customer.”

When designing the ServiceMax system, Nava says Luminex worked closely with its field service engineers. “There were numerous things from my days in the field that I thought would work in the solution, but the engineers asked for changes because they knew those parts of the operation better than I did.”

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