How Compression Garments Help the Healing Process

by Jeremy

Compression garments are often used to relieve pain, prevent swelling, and improve circulation. They can be applied to the fingers, hands, feet, arms, legs, torso, neck, or head. They are used in cases of acute injury or illness and in chronic injuries or conditions that have worsened over time.


Medical compression garments are made of elastic fabrics that provide even pressure across the skin. This low-level pressure can have several benefits, such as the following:

Prevent Swelling

Compression garments help reduce swelling by compressing the muscles and veins in extremities, decreasing the amount of blood flowing through them. They also help prevent blood clots from forming when we walk long distances because they avoid accumulating extra blood in our legs, which can cause severe problems if not addressed.

Reduces Pain

Many people who suffer from chronic pain find relief when they wear compression stockings. These devices reduce swelling and inflammation in your body, decreasing pain significantly.

Decreases Risk of Infection

Compression stockings can reduce the risk of infection by spreading bacteria and acting as a barrier to prevent wounds from being exposed or from being exposed to diseases.

It is suggested that compression stockings reduce the risk of infection by up to 80%. Studies have shown that wearing compression stockings for 24 hours reduces the risk of disease by 60%, and wearing them for 48 hours reduces it by 80%.

Improves Circulation

These garments help by increasing blood flow in the body by compressing the area so that it does not impede its movement. They work by compressing your veins and arteries to help blood flow better. This helps in improving circulation and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Compression stockings are commonly used by people who have conditions such as venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, and lymphedema due to the benefits of improved circulation and reduced swelling.

Provides Support

The compression garments can also provide support for patients who have suffered bone fractures or joint replacement surgery. They give the muscles an extra boost of support post-surgery to make sure everything heals correctly.

Decrease in Scarring

Scarring is when dead tissue is replaced by new living tissue. Due to the presence of collagen, which provides elasticity and thickness, there are two types of scarring: those with cuts and those without reductions. Compression stockings work by decreasing the depth of cuts and increasing collagen levels, which help in increasing the healing process.

Compression stockings can reduce superficial scars, but they won’t change deep scars. However, compression stockings can also be used as a prevention tool if you want to avoid getting a deep spot in the first place.

Should You be Utilizing Compression Garments?

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms or diseases that affect swelling, circulation, or pain throughout your body, you would likely benefit from medical compression garments. Speak with your doctor today about how these garments can help you.

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