How GSK Consumer Healthcare builds out its platform business

by Jeremy

GSK Consumer Healthcare has moved to an application programming interface (API)-the first approach to developing new applications that underpin its business. In 2019, GSK and Pfizer established a three-year consumer healthcare joint venture. Brands in its portfolio include Sensodyne toothpaste, Nicorette, and Panadol. Generally, the company’s products are distributed via retailers and pharmacies.

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The API-first approach and IT architecture GSK Consumer Healthcare is developing represents a milestone in its journey to transform its business digitally. Underpinned by two initiatives, dubbed API First and Platform Thinking, the overall strategy aims to establish GSK Consumer Healthcare as a platform company, which it hopes will provide the foundations to create new products, markets, revenues, customers, customers experiences, and shareholder value quickly, repeatedly and efficiently.

Describing the overall strategy, chief technology officer Will Westwick says: “GSK Consumer Healthcare operates within a global digital and data economy where our products and services are delivered through an ecosystem of colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers.

“The true value of this digital ecosystem can only be properly realized through an API-first strategy. These modern architectures enable a repeatable, secure, and scalable way for GSK to create new digital experiences, products, and commercial opportunities quickly and collaboratively.”

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