How to add a kids profile to your Chromecast with Google TV

by Jeremy

While the Chromecast with Google TV has had a few bumps in the road since its release, it’s still one of the best Android TV boxes on the market — and knowing how to add a kids profile to your Chromecast with Google TV can make it even better. Kids can get their version of the excellent discovery feature that is on your profile for themselves. When Google announced the rollout of kids’ profiles, it would be executed in phases, and it seems that has started. If you don’t see the option on your device, try restarting your Chromecast with Google TV, as that worked for me.


Making the Chromecast with Google TV the perfect family streaming device

If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll need to create a Google account for your child through Family Link. Now that you have your child’s profile set up and ready to go, let’s move on to the Chromecast with Google TV.

  1. View the accounts associated with your device by selecting the profile picture in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose to add a kid.
  3. After reading the welcome screen, select Get started.

    Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central
  4. Now, choose your child’s profile you want to set up.
  5. After the system loads the profile information, select Next to choose some apps.
  6. Select each app you want your child to have access to, then select done.

    Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central
  7. You can edit settings in the next screen like Screen time, Rating limits, the theme, and more. When finished, select done.

    Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central
  8. Once on the home screen, you can change profiles in the upper left back corner. Adult profiles are secured with a PIN.

    Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

You may need to open each app you choose and sign in; others may not require that. Family Link is where the bulk of the parental controls are handled. It is where you will be able to approve and reject apps, view what apps your child is using and for how long, even set up time limits per app. The addition of a kid’s profile to the Chromecast with Google TV opens it up to be a streaming device that the entire family can enjoy, and you can feel comfortable with the content your child sees. I love my Nvidia Shield TV 4K that we have set up on our central television, and while I trust my kids to only watch what they are supposed to, I wouldn’t say I like that I can’t hide stuff they shouldn’t. Hopefully, some form of kids profile can launch for this Android TV device as it has for the Chromecast with Google TV in the kids’ playroom.

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