How to enable the payroll option in Tally?

by Jeremy

The Payroll option in the Tally is used to store and view information related to the financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses, net salaries, and deductions of employees working in companies, organizations, or firms. We can create an Attendance Register of employees through Payroll, which is very quick, so Payroll is used in the Tally.

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Payroll Configuration in Tally ERP 9

In this section, we will learn how to enable payroll configuration in Tally ERP 9 –

Step 1: Use the following step to enable payroll configuration.

Gateway of Tally → F12: Configure → Payroll Configurations

Step 2: Under the Gateway of the tally screen, press the F12 function key or choose F12: Configuration Options.

Step 3: Then, choose the Payroll Configurations option from the configurations menu.

Step 4: You will see the Payroll Configurations option on the screen; update the following details in it.

Add notes for employees: To add notes for employees, select “Yes “.

Show statutory details: To enter the ESI, PF, and PF PAN details in the employee master record, select “Yes “.

Provide passport and visa details: To enter information about the passport and visa details of the employees, select “Yes “.

Show contact details: To display the contact details of employees, select “Yes “.

Show resigned/retired employees: To show retired and resigned employees in the payroll configuration, select “Yes “.

Show employee display name: To show the employee, select “Yes “.

In Tally ERP 9, Payroll is successfully configured.

How to Enable Payroll in Tally

In Tally, payroll activation is a one-time configuration setup.

Step 1: To enable Payroll in the Tally, follow the following steps –

Gateway of Tally → F11: Features → F1: Accounting Features

Step 2: Select the Account Info option in the Gateway of the tally menu.

Step 3: After that, select the Accounting Features option from the Company Features menu or press the function key “F1”.

Step 4: Update the following details in accounting features options

  • Tally ERP to enable the payroll 9, “Maintain Payroll and” Yes to |
  • To maintain more than one Payroll for the Company and to create separate cost categories to the cost of an employee Maintain more than one payroll or cost category for Yes or |
  • To save the details in the Tally, select the A: Accept option.

In Tally ERP 9, after activating the Payroll feature, the Payroll info option will appear in the Masters’ choice.

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