How to take care of the nail area? Cuticle removing fluid

by Jeremy

Every nail stylist will agree that the cuticle treatment is the key to a beautiful manicure. The dryness and stickiness of the excess cuticles are common issues, causing discomfort and affecting the look of the nail styling. However, thanks to the products available on the market, you can forget about it once for good. How to use the cuticle removers in the right way? Check our nail tips and learn how to treat your cuticles to achieve the best effects!


#1 Hydrate your cuticle area

Everyday care is essential – it applies to both the hands themselves and the cuticles. The manicure looks much better on moisturized hands – but the overgrown cuticles can ruin the effect. Appropriate treatment will make the cuticles around the nail soft and facilitate the removal of excess skin. 

Cuticle oil can do wonders when used regularly. Search for products with aloe barbadensis leaf extract and camellia oleifera leaf extract to maintain the moisture. The first is a humectant and the other – an emollient, so they complement each other.

#2 Remove the excess skin

Regular removal of the skin from the cuticle area is the first thing worth remembering. The effects of its accumulation are not aesthetically pleasing and don’t fit the elegant manicure. In addition, overgrown cuticles become coarse, which makes it harder to put them in order.

However, it’s worth taking it easy when doing your treatment. If you overuse the cuticle remover, you may expose the nail matrix to damage and bacterial infections. To prevent that, use non-invasive fluid cuticle removers unless you’re skilled in nail styling yourself. Items such as clippers or cuticle pushers are better used only by a professional nail stylist. A cuticle remover that you can use at home will work great here. Search for the products with moisturizing lanolin and a low percentage of potassium hydroxide to avoid irritation.

How does the cuticle remover work?

As the name suggests, it is a great fluid dealing with excess epidermis. You can apply it directly to the nail plate, wait a few minutes and remove the extra layer of skin. It is a perfect solution for people who start their adventure with nail styling. Using the instant cuticle remover, you can save precious time and quickly prepare your nails before applying nail polish.

The Dazzle Dry Australia store offers high-quality products that perfectly cope with the keratinized epidermis, including the best cuticle removers, oils, and preps. Take care of the area around your nails and create a unique, eye-catching styling!

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