How travellers are planning their new sojourns in post-corona world? Here’s all about meteoric rise of eco-resort properties

by Jeremy
Eco resorts give travelers the feeling of being close to nature. (Photo source: The Machan)

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and travel restrictions imposed to curb the highly infectious disease outbreak dealt a crippling blow to the hospitality, travel, and tourism sector. While most luxury hotel operators believe that it would take them around one year to return to revenue per available room levels of the pre-pandemic period, eco-resorts are as busy as a beaver trying to accommodate guests at their property.


The extended periods of lockdowns where most of us were imprisoned in our concrete towers have allowed travelers to truly appreciate the freedom to decide where they want to go, with whom, and when. In such a paradigm, the focus appears to be spending time away from crowds. This is where nature-centric breaks seem to come out on top. We noticed that there was a noticeable surge in bookings starting October, not only for October but for the entire holiday season through to December and into January 2021 as well,” Varun Hooja – Director, The Machan – told Financial Express Online.

Eco resorts are rapidly gaining popularity as people look to unwind after the coronavirus-induced lockdown forced them to stay at home for long. Moreover, staying at eco-resorts is unlike any other travel experience as travelers get to know more about surrounding environments and learn to live in more eco-friendly ways.

Experts say this popularity is that people are now giving preference to smaller boutique properties over big hotels chains to avoid huge crowds. They prefer outdoor activities like horse riding, nature trails, cycling that these resorts offer over indoor games and activities.

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