HUAWEI brings GameAnalytics tools to its game development community

by Jeremy

HUAWEI has lately introduced a host of initiatives for developers in its ecosystem, ranging from free advertising opportunities and offering them a higher share of revenue to providing technical and business support at local levels. The company has joined hands with GameAnalytics to help game developers gain access to vital metrics for growth. ]

The useful game analysis kit is free for all developers in the HMS ecosystem

Thanks to the partnership, HUAWEI is bringing GameAnalytics’ analytics software development kit to over 2.3 million developers across the globe. The best part is that the equipment is free for all developers, and it allows for an easy integration process that takes only 15 minutes from start to finish. GameAnalytics is a renowned name in the domain, and its eponymous analytics tool is used by over 100,000 developers and more than 63,000 studios across the globe. 

Talking about the benefits of GameAnalystics’ kit, it paves the way for collecting, assessing, and furnishing some core performance metrics such as active user base, retention rate, raw playtime figures, revenue figures, level progression, and virtual currency, to name a few. Developers making games for HUAWEI’s app repository – AppGallery – can exploit access to this data to understand their games’ performance better and accordingly chart new courses of growth. 

“The partnership brings mutual benefits to both parties; Huawei can continue growing its ecosystem with more platform partners and further support the success of its game developers. Simultaneously, GameAnalytics can leverage Huawei’s technological capabilities, enhancing its Android SDK to support OAID (Huawei Ads Kit) across all mobile devices.”

Games are spearheading the growth of AppGallery.

The latest collaboration with GameAnalytics comes at a reasonable time and makes a lot of sense. Earlier this month, the HUAWEI announced that the volume of game distribution on AppGallery has gone up by 83%, and at the top of that growth spike is games. In the past 12 months, the number of games available on AppGallery has also witnessed a growth of 500%.

But that’s not all, as the company’s focus on gaming has been open knowledge. In November, HUAWEI landed the free-to-play, multiplayer combat game – Dystopia: Contest of Heroes – for an exclusive debut on AppGallery. In the same month, HUAWEI also launched a special grants initiative for fun, including an acquisition price pool worth €30,000 for the indie games community.

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